Restore and revitalize with signature facial treatments at Resplendent Day Spa.

Slow the effects of aging, stress, and environmental damage with our clinical spa facial treatments in Long Beach. There are many benefits to getting a facial such as hydrating the skin to help products penetrate better, removing dead skin cells, detoxifying and brightening skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and imperfections, and slowing down aging.

Maintaining a healthy skincare routine at home is essential to prolong the benefits of the facial. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and protecting your skin from sun damage are all critical steps to maintaining healthy skin. And sometimes you need to leave it to professional estheticians to pamper your skin, rejuvenate, and restore its health with the best facial services in Long Beach, California.

At Resplendent Day Spa, we know that every skin type is different… right down to its very cells. That’s why we have developed a full menu of facials and facial therapy for our SoCal clients including chemical peels and dermaplaning.

Don’t forget the extras! Add any of these to your facial service and feel completely rejuvenated:



The REVITALIZING, ANTIOXIDANT and MOISTURIZING treatment for the face and body!

This peel has no downtime as it works from the inside out! The BioRePeelCl3 improves the skin surface imperfections and accelerates skin turnover by stimulating the reconstruction of collagen and elastin deep within the skin layer. Results can be seen instantly and continue to improve with time.

Conditions Treated
  • Sun damage
  • Blemishes
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Rosacea
  • Large Pores
  • Melasma
  • General Skin Rejuvenation

We can layer in Mesotherapy age-defying treatments with micro channeling or nano pen to achieve deep and long-term rejuvenation with the BioRePeelCl3 to enhance the above conditions.

Recommended: 4 treatments, one per week

  • Each BioRePeelCl3 Session $450
  • With Mesotherapy Add-on $575
Before and after
Before and after

Algomask + Treatment

Hydrating | Cooling | Moisturizing

A hydrating clinical treatment, creating a cooling effect on the skin to revitalize, moisturize, and soothe. Its thermo-cooling effect on the skin makes it a remarkable revitalizing treatment, particularly for reducing the visible appearance of redness.

  • 90 minutes $140

Acne/Oxygenating Treatment

Purifying | Hydrating | Brightening

This revolutionary treatment is designed to clear the complexion and breathe life back into the skin.Perfect for oily and acne-prone skin, it controls acne and revitalizes fatigued, stressed, and dull skin. One treatment per week is recommended for maximum efficiency for five consecutive weeks.

  • 75 minutes $145

Russian Sculpting and Lifting Facial

Unveil the secrets of timeless beauty! The Russian facial massage focuses on enhancing facial muscle tone, sculpting the face, lifting lips and eyebrows naturally, and reducing lines and wrinkles. Buccal massage (Intraoral) is a technique inside the mouth to address dropping of the jowls, and the lower region of the chin.  This improves blood flow and improves Lymphatic circulation to reduce puffiness. It’s a great alternative to Botox. The massage includes Gua Sha and a mask to enhance this treatment.

  • 60 minutes $200

Resplendent Spa Facial

Hydrating | Cleansing | Refreshing

This relaxing facial treatment gently cleanses and hydrates the skin, leaving you feeling restored and refreshed. This treatment excludes any extractions.

  • 60 minutes $115

Phytic Treatment

Acid Peel | Skin Lightening | Reduces Acne

Phytic treatment is highly potent for reducing acne lesions, balancing out the oil and sebum, skin lightening, reducing pore size and mild to moderate exfoliation. Phytic acid peels are different from traditional glycolic skin peels.

Botinol Treatment

Non-invasive | Age Defying | Lasting Results

If you are looking for the best facial in Long Beach, California to combat the signs of aging, then Resplendent Day Spa has you covered with G.M.Collin’s signature age-defying treatment. This innovative, clinically proven procedure combines fivepeptides, including Matrixyl®3000, Myoxinol, Argireline®, and Retinol. An ideal treatment for people determined to mask the signs of aging.

Innovative and non-invasive, with instant and long-lasting visible results, perfectly describes thistreatment.

  • 90 minutes $175

Collagen 90-ll

Hydrating | Reduces Wrinkles | Age Defying

With age, the cellular renewal process is delayed. Collagen 90-II is a highly respected and sought-after age-defying skin-renewing treatment that hydrates, smoothens, and tones wrinkles to combat the visible signs of aging.

  • 90 minutes $170

Back Facial

Cleansing | Exfoliating | Body Treatment

  • One (1) Treatment $150
  • Four (4) Treatment $500 (SAVE $100)
  • Six (6) Treatment $640 (SAVE $260)

This relaxing body treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and a mask. The treatment can include extractions and/or massage.

  • 60 minutes $135

Sea C Spa

Age Defying | Energizing | Natural Ingredients

The Sea C Spa is a powerful age-defying skin care treatment designed to delay the visible signs of aging and energize the skin, formulated with marine and vegetal ingredients, including vitamin C concentrate, algae biomatrix patches, and thermal organic mud.

  • 75 minutes $150

Resplendent Signature Facial

After cleansing the skin we do a thorough skin analysis to determine the best treatment for you. Our facials are tailored to your skin type and conditions, promising the most effective results in all of southern California. We then exfoliate to remove dead surface cells, followed by extractions to clean the pores and a soothing facial massage. We finish with a serum and mask to give your skin a radiant glow.

  • Based on personalization $135

Blue Onyx+ Microcurrent

TAMA’s Blue Onyx produces subtle levels of electromagnetic waves that reside on the surface of the skin. The energy field around the probe tips normalizes the magnetic distribution around each cell, facilitating a better ionic exchange that may have become disrupted due to aging. TAMA Blue Onyx+ Microcurrent stimulates the muscles of the face giving them a perky and plumper look. It’s like taking your facial muscles to the gym without the hassle.

  • Add-On to Existing Services $85
  • Single (1) Session $175
  • Three (3) Sessions $420
  • Six (6) Sessions $840
  • Ten (10) Sessions $1300
  • Lip Augmentation $150
  • Eye Lift, 6 Sessions $240
  • Neck Lift, 6 Sessions $240
  • Quick Pick Up, 1 Session $80

Collagen Sublime Eye Contour

  • 40 minutes $75

Procell Microchannelling

Procell Microchannelling improves the appearance of aging skin, increases the vitality of your skin, and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, and acne scarring.

How many treatments are recommended?

Once a month for 5 treatments

  • One treatment $350, includes your take-home product.
  • Four treatments $1400, includes your take-home product
  • Fifth treatment FREE

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a facial treatment designed to enhance the appearance of the skin by utilizing a chemical solution for exfoliation. At Resplendent Med Spa, we use only the highest quality products to ensure the best possible results for our clients. With our selection of Control Corrective Professional Skin Care, we provide a diverse range of chemical peels that effectively rejuvenate your skin, leaving you with a radiant and youthful complexion.

Investing in chemical peels is a great way to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. They can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the texture and tone of your skin, and reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Plus, regular chemical peels can help prevent future damage and keep your skin looking youthful and radiant. Our peels range in strength from mild to intense, and each has its own benefits. 

The Lactic Acid Peel is perfect for those with sensitive skin, as it gently exfoliates and moisturizes. 

The Salicylic Acid Peel is excellent for oily or acne-prone skin, as it helps unclog pores and reduce inflammation. 

The Glycolic Acid Peel is ideal for those with sun damage or fine lines, as it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promotes collagen production. 

If you are wanting dramatic results quickly, Jessner and TCA peels are an option with about a week of downtime.

Our peels range in cost from $190 to $700, depending on the strength and type of peel. While this may seem like a significant investment, we believe that the benefits of chemical peels far outweigh the cost. Your skin is an investment, and taking care of it now will help you look and feel your best for years to come.


Dermaplaning is a quick and non-invasive facial treatment that requires no downtime, making it an ideal choice prior to events, special occasions, or for individuals seeking a smooth complexion free from “peach fuzz.” This treatment not only facilitates easier makeup application but also enhances the effectiveness of your skincare routine.

Dermaplaning uses a medical-grade surgical blade to delicately glide across your skin at a 45-degree angle, eliminating the outer layer of dead skin. This technique efficiently eliminates approximately 2-3 weeks’ worth of accumulated debris, dead skin cells, and impurities in just one session.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a safe and highly effective exfoliation treatment that encourages better absorption of skincare products, amplifying their effects and leaving the skin noticeably smoother. It also aids in reducing the appearance of acne scars.

By removing facial hair, which can harbor dirt and oils, this treatment not only enhances the overall appearance of the skin but also reveals a beautifully smooth texture, free from any trace of facial hair.

As your skin gets constantly exposed to pollution, stress, and aging, it tends to lose its natural glow and beauty. And your daily skincare routine is not enough to restore its healthy radiance. Therefore, we provide facials, designed to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin.

Here’s why you should definitely visit Resplendent Day Spa in Long Beach for a holistic facial treatment as recommended by our estheticians.

  • Effective cleaning, exfoliating, and hydrating: One of the primary reasons why our skin tends to get dull is due to a lack of proper cleansing and moisturizing. Our facial treatments deeply cleanse your skin, exfoliate, and hydrate it for a healthy balance. As such, you can feel your skin to be more supple and invigorating.
  • Defies the signs of aging: With aging, the body’s ability to produce collagen (a healthy protein) diminishes. The cells get ruptured over time and your skin starts to lose its glow and suppleness. We provide the best facial services, which are specially designed to promote collagen development, regenerate cells, and reduce the visible signs of aging.
  • Promotes blood circulation: Having years of experience in providing facials, we have mastered the deep massaging techniques that help promote blood circulation in your skin. As the blood reaches your skin cells, it provides oxygen and nutrients, replenishing your skin’s balance and adding a healthy glow to it.
  • Helps relieve stress: For us, beauty is more than just your skin. It is how you feel about yourself. Therefore, our facial treatments target now only the superficial, but your mind and soul too. The techniques we use can help relieve your stress, unwind, and rejuvenate. This has an impact on your skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.

Our results-oriented facial treatments and skincare products work based on our understanding of how the skin works and how it is intertwined with your overall well-being. With our approach to facials, we help strike a balance between your body, mind and soul, so you can be beautiful from the inside out.

Trust Us for the Best Facial.

When it comes to skincare and a healthy YOU, Resplendent Day Spa is a name you can count upon:

  • A full menu of facial treatments for our discerning clients in Long Beach.
  • The tailored approach provides you with the right therapy for your skin needs. Our facials can be customized for any age and skin type.
  • Highly trained and experienced estheticians will perform each therapy with utmost care and precision.
  • Easy booking and follow-up to deliver a seamless experience.

Schedule an appointment today and pamper your skin to restore its healthy glow and beauty, inside out at our Long Beach-based day spa.