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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting & Contouring

At Resplendent Day Spa, we offer a comprehensive suite of body sculpting services that reveal the more youthful you are within! InMode body sculpting gives you the look you’ve always wanted. Our contouring and remodeling treatments provide a full-body solution without surgery, reduced downtime, and no visible scarring! It’s time to love your body.

Harnessing the power of InMode technology, our treatments use radiofrequency energy to coagulate fat, tone muscles, remodel skin and address cellulite and imperfections like scarring, stretch marks, and blemishes.

Benefits of Contouring & Tightening

  • Actual Visible Results
  • 2-3 Inch Fat Reduction
  • Smoother Lifted Skin
  • No Surgery or Injections
  • Safe & Non-Invasive
  • No Downtime or Pain

Therma Skin Tightening

Therma Skin Tightening uses safe radiofrequency energy with a thermal temperature sensor to heat skin in real-time to treat and improve skin. This painless, non-surgical facelift procedure lasts up to one year. Without painful filler or injections, this treatment is perfect for all ethnicities and skin tones.

Build up your skin’s collagen and elastin, elasticity, and tone, with this no downtime treatment that treats all five layers of the skin to reveal a more youthful you.


Evolve by InMode

Evolve is a non-invasive, hands-free treatment that remodels skin, treats fat, and tones muscles with bipolar RF energy and EMS for total body transformation!

Our Evolve workstation is customizable to every body, with Tite, Tone, and Trim technologies. Evolve body sculpting gives you the look you’ve always wanted.


Morpheus8 Body
by InMode

Morpheus8 Body is a minimally invasive modular radiofrequency fractional solution for full-body subdermal adipose remodeling, delivering the deepest fractional treatments available, penetrating subdermal tissue up to 8mm (7mm + 1mm thermal profile).

Combined with four fractional tips for different micro needling configurations, the Morpheus8 delivers clinically proven RF energy to multiple treatment depths. Morpheus8 Body treats more substantial and deeper treatment areas for the best contouring solution!


Before & Afters with InMode

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